Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Incase I Forgot--

In the first night of class I often get distracted and skip things on my outline. My thinking is that I will go back and get to them later. That is not always the case however.
So in case I forget to post this on the screen in class here is some important information........

My school address:
Kathy Zwahl
David Brewer Elementary
401 N 17th Street
Leavenworth Ks
Room 143

Map to Leavenworth

Cell Phone 913-370-1960

Your first assignment is due Tuesday the 25th. This is the criteria for this weeks lesson--
Assignment #1
*  Create a lesson that incorporates at least 3 elements or principles of art. It can be for any grade level, your choice. This lesson does not have to have a core subject integrated into it, but you may if you would like to.
*  The format of you lesson can be like the Kindergarten lesson I passed out, boxes dividing each part OR you may type out the lesson in your own format.
*  The lesson must inclued the Visual Art Standards that go a long with your lesson. You can find them here . And any core curriculum standards you integrate into the lesson.
*  Lesson also must have your name, grade the lesson will be best for, the materials used, procedure for creating the lesson.
*  Bring 21 copies of your lesson and an example of the lesson to class to present on our "tour" around the room.
*  Have a grade sheet (rubric) with your name, subject and resource filled in with your lesson.

Lastly--- If you are on the list to go on the March for Life enjoy your trip! I hope you can stop by class Tuesday night as least for a little while so you don't miss all the fun! Be sure to bring your lesson or send it along with someone so it won't be late.

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