Tuesday, February 1, 2011

E-Mail Sent Today--

Ladies, I hope this e-mail finds you safe and warm in this snow storm. My family and I are all home safe and keeping watch on all of the weather news.
As you probably already know classes tonight were canceled. Leavenworth has already canceled classes for Wednesday February 2nd. I'm sure Atchison will make a decision soon about whether or not to be open Wednesday.
As far as observations go in LVN I was going to explain to you that I ran into a big snag. I found out that each of you has to have a background check, courtesy of USD 453 LVN before you can observe my classes. This has put me in a big tail spin and I have tried to get permission to have you come with out all of the fuss but no deal. I was planning on explaining all of this the February 1st in class, but plans were interrupted by Mother Nature. I have copies of the paperwork you need to fill out if you would still like to come to my school and observe. It will take a few days for the background check but there is no cost to you for this. It mostly means we will have to delay observations until they are done. I don't know how long this will take.
In the mean time Mrs. Collins at Atchison elementary can still host observations in her class as long as school is in session. Check USD 409 Atchison schools for updates. I will have those schedules in class next week the 8th for signing up. Please consider your choices for observations in LVN and let me know on the 8th and I will have paperwork ready for you then.


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